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The energy of the future is one of our roots. Investing in clean and renewable energy, we have become the largest sugar cane ethanol producer in Brazil, trading to different markets, from small to big business. 

We annually produce billions of liters and inaugurated a second-generation ethanol production plant, obtained from sugarcane biomass, on a commercial scale in Brazil, another solution to meet the growing demand for biofuels, always betting on innovation and growth.

E2G, The 2nd-Generation Ethanol

We changed the way of seeing sugarcane by-product by searching for more efficient ways to optimize ethanol production and the practice of Circular Economy. Sugarcane bagasse and straw now undergo a new treatment before becoming waste, a highly-technological process of hydrolysis and double fermentation. This gives rise to the Second-Generation Ethanol (E2G), which contains the same chemical composition as First-Generation (E1G) ethanol, and therefore, the same uses. With this innovation, we have increased our productivity by 50% and, thanks to an integrated unit and logistics that work in favor of cost reduction and environmental impact, we have reduced the carbon footprint compared to the E1G in the Brazilian market by 35%.


On the international market, we invest in raw sugar trading, which will be turned into by-products in industries around the world. We work to continually improve our processes and optimize operational logistics. To do this, we count on customized solutions to attend to each business and guarantee the quality and integrity of the product along the path from the mill to the client. In the same way, we are attentive to international sustainability standards and we have a robust system for quality and safety that guarantees us certifications in all of our units.


We're also active in sugar sales as a raw material for small, medium, and large industries. We have the largest brands in the country among our customers in several segments. This is because we maintain constant investment in logistical and technological improvements in order to find processes that are increasingly profitable and safe. We also have a pricing program, which provides a fixed price contract for the customer, helping to reduce variables and long-term planning.


We are in the ethanol that fuels the car on the way to work, the perfume you put on before going out on the weekend, and the happy hour drinks. Get to know the industries that use our ethanol:


In vehicle engines all over Brazil.


As a raw material for the manufacturing of syrups and medicines.


In the production of green plastic and chemicals for cleaning, or paints and varnishes.


In the manufacturing of makeup, creams, and perfumes, among others.


As an ingredient in various alcoholic beverages, thanks to the purity in ethanol refining.


In varied businesses all over the world, especially Japan and South Korea.