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people management

We work to generate a positive impact on the communities around us, valuing our internal team, production team, partnerships, and stakeholders. We know that together, we can make it all happen.
Human Rights
Code of conduct
ELO Program

Our team is an agent of change

To accomplish transformations, we rely on a diverse environment of female and male employees who contribute to leveraging our initiatives.

With the Continuing Education Center, too!

The program offers training, experiences, and integration between different areas of knowledge.

With Raízen University, we bring out the best in everyone

We invest in the training of our team through a corporate university, which promotes development actions in all areas.

Raízen University has a solid structure and has subjects that are prerequisites for all participants: Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), Nossa RAIZ (Our Root), and Ethics and Sustainability.

Diversity in the present and for the future

We are a Brazilian company and we want to reflect, in our team, all the diversity that enriches the Brazilian culture.

Since our inception, we have promoted respect and appreciation for diversity in a setting where every point of view counts.

Our journey for a more diverse company began on the gender equity front. We are signatories to the UN Women agreement, we build capacity in partnership with the Women 360º Movement, and we have a strategic plan for diversity and inclusion guided by the SDGs.

We are guided in the endeavor by Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which brings together leaders and employees from different areas, hierarchical our levels, and affinities to develop actions, policies, and procedures that increase the diversity of our workforce.

This evolution started with our leaders, who were and are trained to be multipliers on the committee with the goal of fostering discussions about women, LGBTQIAP+, PwD, races, ethnicities, diversity, and inclusion.  

social performance

We go beyond our gates; we work to generate an impact for our male and female employees, for the surrounding communities, and for society. Our ambition is to:

To be a reference in positive social impact in the sectors in which we operate and to strengthen our business and our culture, mobilizing people and organizations for the future of renewable energy.



Safety is one of the main elements that form our ROOT (RAIZ) culture.

We continuously invest in training programs and educational actions because, for Raízen, safety is non-negotiable and always comes first.

Our business has a comprehensive management system and an Integrated Operations Management System (SIGO) whose principles include safety. This ensures that safety is considered in all our practices, from day-to-day operations and corporate offices to off-hours, because for us, life is what matters.

Raízen works to turn all its employees into multipliers of safe behavior. That is why we have initiatives such as Safety Day, an event that happens twice a year, valuing life and mobilizing all employees to adopt appropriate behavior, as well as suppliers, drivers, and the communities surrounding the operations. Throughout the crop year, we constantly reinforce the corporate goal of a continual quest for Zero Accidents.