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Energy transition

Driving the energy transition through our diversified portfolio is part of our ROOTS (RAIZ).

Our society is transitioning toward a more sustainable future, as countries and companies are increasingly challenged to diversify their energy mix and seek cleaner, renewable production alternatives. 

This energy transition is emerging as a means of transforming the way we produce and consume energy, aiming to reduce dependence on fossil sources by adopting cleaner and renewable sources. 

Impulsionar a transição energética por meio do nosso portfólio diversificado faz parte da nossa RAIZ.

As an integrated company, our commitment is to deliver the energy of the present and the future.

Raízen's strategy is connected with the energy transition. We are the largest producer of large-scale sugarcane products, such as ethanol and bioelectricity. We also stand out as one of the largest fuel distributors in the country, providing the energy that fuels society today.

In understanding that the energy of the future is renewable, we have diversified our portfolio and are sustainable from the production of sugarcane (with best market practices through the ELO Program and the Bonsucro Certification) to the delivery of our products. We seek to develop and offer innovative solutions that contribute to mitigating climate change and create more value for customers. 


We produce ethanol and bioelectricity using sugarcane products on a global scale. These products contribute to decarbonizing the economy and are low emission-intensive due to the sequestration of CO2 from the atmosphere through the cultivation of sugarcane.


  • We are the only company in the world to produce second-generation ethanol (E2G) on a commercial scale. 
  • We promote circularity by reinserting sugarcane bagasse as raw material in the production process, making it possible to produce up to 50% more ethanol using the same planted area.
  • We use high technology as a tool to drive the energy transition and encourage a low-carbon economy.
  • The final product is 100% renewable and has a low carbon footprint.



  • In 2020, we opened our first biogas and bioelectricity production plant using filter cake and vinasse, by-products from sugar and ethanol production. This is a key process for implementing a circular economy.
  • This is an innovative technology that contributes to the energy transition and sustainability within industries. 
  • The final product is 100% renewable, has a low carbon footprint, and contributes to a cleaner national electrical mix. 


  • Energy produced using biomass.
  • It allows Raízen to be self-sufficient in electricity and contributes to the cleanliness of the electricity mix and to the energy transition of the country and other companies. 


  • Made from sugarcane bagasse, a sugarcane by-product that can be used as an energy source.
  • Technology that allows for the efficient transportation and burning of a renewable energy source.
  • Potential to collaborate with the energy transition of other countries.
  • 100% renewable energy and a low carbon footprint.


  • A source of clean, perennial, 100% renewable energy.
  • Distributed generation is a sustainable and economical solution for our partners. 
  • It allows for the traceability of the energy traded.
  • The final product has a low carbon footprint, contributing to the energy transition and to a low-carbon economy.
Fuel distribution

Fuel distribution

Oil products continue to be the main source of energy in Brazil. Committed to supplying the energy of the present and the future, Raízen stands out as one of the largest fuel distributors in the country. It offers, in an efficient manner, the energy that fuels society today.