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Third Party Policies and Procedures

Third Party Policies and Procedures

These are the policies and procedures that must be known and enforced by our partners and future partners. These documents show what is expected regarding ethics and transparency in the conduct of activities, establishing a solid partnership that values the legitimacy of business.

Intellectual Property Policy

Raízen's Intellectual Property Policy (IP) introduces general rules on intellectual property and aims to educate its employees about the management of the topic when they are involved in projects, research, products, and other actions that result in creations that may be protected and registered.

 The company has pre-established institutional criteria on the process of obtaining IP, which may occur before, during, and after research and development, as applicable. In addition, the Policy establishes rules for protecting results, as well as for the management and transfer of rights over intellectual creation.

Health, Safety, and Environment Policy (HSE)

The HSE Policy (Health, Safety and Environment) is embedded in the way we conduct our business. It is part of our respect for life culture that we operate in an ethical, safe, and environmentally sustainable way, and we, therefore, expect every person within the organization to show personal commitment to behavior consistent with a safe environment.

Sustainability Policy

For Raízen, sustainability is the integration and balance of environmental, economic and social aspects in business management, focused on ensuring the company's competitiveness and longevity, as well as promoting shared value. This policy aims to establish the aspects that guide the company's sustainability strategy, communicate to stakeholders and encourage its value chain, especially business partners, to act in accordance with the guidelines

Integrity Policy

This Integrity Policy (“Policy”) is part of Raízen’s efforts (“Raízen” or “Company”) to reinforce its culture of ethics, integrity, transparency and compliance with the laws that guide the conduct of its business. This Policy aims to establish rules and guidelines to prevent, detect and mitigate acts of corruption and other improper conduct and must be followed by all, including shareholders, directors, officers (including statutory), managers, employees and third parties who act on behalf of and/or for the benefit of the Company.

Competition Compliance Policy

For Raízen, concorrencial ethics, free initiative and free competition are fundamental values for conducting all our businesses. In this sense, the Concorrencial Compliance Policy presents the main concepts and guidelines of the Competition Defense Law and guides our Employees to act in an ethical, safe and legitimate manner in their relationships with customers, business partners and competitors.

Accommodation Policy and Guidelines

A Política para os Alojamentos de trabalhadores empregados por Fornecedores, para a execução de serviços na Raízen, visa estabelecer instruções adicionais aos Fornecedores em relação ao procedimento de verificações das condições dos alojamentos e suas consequências, de acordo com as leis nacionais que versam sobre a matéria. Este documento tem a finalidade de apresentar o padrão adequado de alojamento de trabalhadores, baseado nas legislações que tratam do assunto.