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Supplier Portal

In the relationship between Raízen and the supplier, everyone wins

We want to invest in the best products and services to ensure the quality and continuity of our business. To achieve this, we always seek to develop solid partnerships that enrich the value of our operations and are conducive to our results. The Service Provider and Supplier Portal was created to facilitate the communication and relationship with those of you who you want to be part of this team.

Before starting our partnership

We invite you to click on the seven steps below and understand all the guidelines of this journey.

It’s time to redefine the future of energy together!


01 Approval

This is the stage where we start our journey! The future supplier of Raízen will fill in a few forms using the Approval tool.
Before we start our partnership, you will need to:
  • Fill in your basic, business, and financial data
  • Answer the HSE, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, and Sustainability questionnaires
  • Read carefully the Policies and Procedures applicable to your scope of work
  • sign the General Supply Conditions Agreement (TCG)
At the same time, our platform will consult the background check to analyze the financial health of your business, tax status, certificates, media exposure, and others.

02 Contracting

At this moment, our Procurement team will start the competitive process with the approved suppliers, and technical approval may be necessary.
During the contracting stage, it is essential that suppliers include everything in their budgets required to fully comply with the scope, including:
  • regulations
  • compliance with legislation
  • safety and quality standards
  • other Raízen requirements
If you need to house your team, formal registration is also necessary. You must also comply with the requirements of legislation and regulations (in particular NR-31 and NR-24) and follow the General Accommodations Guide and Guidelines.

03 Mobilization

We have a dedicated consultancy at this stage that will verify the supplier's health and safety documents to guarantee everything follows the governance and commitments at Raízen.

For this stage, we have a specialized consultancy that manages and verifies the necessary mandatory documentation of all suppliers contracted to provide services that involve labor.

After verification, the HSE integration will be scheduled, and the training badge will be made available. The legality of their periodic labor and social security obligations will also be verified. Complete information is in HSE Manual for Contractors.

04 Monitoring and execution

This step ensures that any service or material supply meets the contracted quality and safety standards.
Non-Compliance Records (RNC) may be opened to ensure that the provision of the service or supply of material follows the quality and safety clauses of the contracted scope, which will result in preparing action plans and addressing the issues with each supplier.

05 Performance evaluation

Every month, we measure the performance of our suppliers, evaluating the fulfillment of the scope, the quality of services and materials, and the punctuality of delivery.
All assessments are carried out following a specific protocol, which varies per the type of supply:
  • For material suppliers, we consider the Delivery Punctuality Index (IP) and Non-Compliance Records (RNC).
  • For service providers, we consider the quality of the service provided, compliance with the scope, deadline, and security (IDF) requirements, and the Non-Compliance Records (RNC).
We only measure IP and IDF after the material or service is delivered. The RNC can already be registered and processed during execution.
Important: these indices are deciding factors for future contracting.

06 Management

After monitoring the performance of our suppliers, we unfold actions integrated with Consequence Management.
Our Consequence Management involves:
  • alignment and follow-up meetings
  • on-site visits to audit the effectiveness of the action plan
  • imposing fines for late deliveries
  • legal notice
  • breach of contracts
  • low-performance blocking
We also have our recognition program, the RAIZ Partner Award - check it out in the last step!

07 RAIZ Partner Award

A special stage for recognizing the partners who have stood out during our journey 😊
All suppliers of materials and services contracted by the Raízen Supplies Department are eligible. The suppliers hired by Supplies that stand out in the pillars of our RAIZ culture are awarded:
  • We perform now, looking to the future
  • We enhance each individual’s best
  • We encourage skepticism
  • We nurture productive relationships
Suppliers that stand out in ESG practices are also recognized, and together with Raízen, they redefine the future of energy.


Purchasing Policy

Committed to the transparency of our processes, the Policy for Sustainable Procurement of Supplies aims to merge the rules of conduct, ethical principles, and guidelines that guide the integration of sustainability for the acquisition of equipment, materials, and services and our commercial relations with our suppliers.

A Good Partnership Extends Through the Ecosystem

We are members of the CDP Supply Chain! CDP is the primary international database on climate change, which records GHG reduction actions worldwide and has a Supply Chain Program, and we are members. 😊 By participating in CDP, your organization can identify risks and opportunities, meet targets, reduce energy use, and ensure the supply of commodities is environmentally sustainable. This initiative is fully connected with our Climate Change Commitments in the ESG Agenda. To learn more about this and other Sustainable Procurement initiatives, click below.


Temos mais de 5 mil parceiros presentes em 24 estados e, cada um é parte integrante do nosso ecossistema. Uma cadeia de suprimentos sustentável para além da descarbonização, também com o foco na relação com as pessoas e alinhados as nossas boas práticas e cultura RAIZ. Acompanhamos nossos parceiros em toda jornada de homologação, na qual prezamos por critérios de Direitos Humanos, Ambientais, Sociais, Governança. Investimos no monitoramento, desenvolvimento e reconhecimento de toda nossa cadeia, pois prezamos pela integração, rastreabilidade e construção de comunicação transparente com parceiros engajados. Assim, nossos parceiros crescem junto com a Raízen, em busca de redefinir o futuro da energia.