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Our Regulations

Our Regulations

Get to know the regulations that govern our conduct.
  • Diesel Oil Subsidy

    In compliance with the terms of article 2, paragraph 2, of Decree no. 9392/18, which regulates the granting of an economic subsidy to diesel oil trading, we report the following average daily arithmetic prices, on demand and without taxes, on diesel oil traded domestically by Blueway Trading Importação e Exportação S.A., in the period between May 30 and June 7, 2018:

    (i) 05/31/18: 2.135386989 BRL;

    (ii) 06/02/18: 2.408339375 BRL;

    (iii) 06/07/18: 1.466752769 BRL.

    Arithmetic Average Price: 2.003493044 BRL.

     Blueway Trading Importação e Exportação is part of the Raízen Group.

  • Fraudulent Sugar Exports

    Raízen alerts its customers and the general public about attempts by unauthorized third parties to carry out fraudulent sugar exports on their behalf. We reinforce that the channel of communication with the company is the email and that we do not advertise sugar on the website.

     If someone has contacted you saying that they represent Raízen, and/or any company in your sugar exports economic group does not perform the transaction, report it immediately to